The Best Options for the Finest Cloud Solutions

The choice of cloud provider begins with the physical site of the data center. If the data center of the provider “becomes”, then the “cloud” will also be turned off, which means that all IT systems working in it will become unavailable. Many ask the provider about the internal means of ensuring the availability of the cloud platform. This is correct, but it is not enough.

Find out where the data center is located

In here or abroad? This is important because, according to the legislation, some type of data cannot be moved outside the Russian Federation. The reverse is also true: some of these companies seek to hide in the western data center in order to at least partially protect themselves from inspections. In addition, if you need to transfer the entire IT infrastructure to the “cloud”, the issue of delays is relevant. Let’s say you decided to bring some of your systems to a public “cloud” somewhere in Ireland. Are you sure that the available delays on the communication channels will allow you to work comfortably with the systems? This moment stops many, and the choice is made in favor of local data centers. From the Reliable Cloud Solutions Company In Singapore this is the perfect option that you can get now.

Is the site certified?

The leader in the data center certification market is Uptime institute. This company maintains an up to date list of requirements for the reliability of data center components. Its requirements and recommendations are based on practical experience in operating data centers around the world, taking into account real data center failures.

Uptime certification consists of two stages: certification of the project on paper and certification of the finished site. Site certification takes up to three weeks. Uptime experts come and personally verify the compliance of all technical solutions on site with design solutions on paper. According to the results issued a certificate of conformity. At the moment in Russia there are 5 certified data centers, one of them belongs to thee experts.

There is an alternative to certification by the Uptime institute a test for compliance with the TIA-942 standard. This is an American standard that carries recommendations for creating data centers. The disadvantage of this standard is that it has not been updated for a long time and lags behind Uptime in part of a number of requirements. Also, a big disadvantage is that this standard is of a recommendatory nature and the data centers are not checked for compliance with it, at least in Russia. You have to believe the honest word of your cloud provider.

Communication with the outside world

Always ask the cloud provider how to connect to the data center and to the “cloud”, in particular, from the outside. What are the default Internet access options? And is it possible to connect to the “cloud” using point-to-point channels?

If you can connect to the “cloud” with your own channels, you need to ask which communication providers are present in the data center, as communication services are monopolized on some sites. For example, there is only provider X and that’s all – you cannot bring your providers.

CPU resources – what do we pay money for?

We figured out what you should pay attention to when choosing a physical site. Now let’s move on to the list of questions that should be asked when choosing the cloud platform itself. Let’s start with the principles of the allocation and sale of computing resources, namely, with the processing power.

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